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The More I Owe You: A Novel
Michael Sledge
The Lifelong Activist: How to Change the World without Losing Your Way
Hillary Rettig
Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire
Catriolina Mortimer-Sandilands, Bruce Erickson
Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America (Between Men--Between Women)
Lillian Faderman
The Healing Earth
Philip Sutton Chard
Revolt and Crisis in Greece: Between a Present Yet to Pass and a Future Still to Come
Dimitris Dalakoglou, Antonis Vradis

Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Sexually Intrepid World of Lesbian Paperback Novels 1950-1965

Lesbian Pulp Fiction - Katherine V. Forrest What a great overview! I read Odd Girl Out in its entirety a few years ago and was pretty disappointed - not much of what I'd hoped for from a pulp: good setting/feel for the time period and lots of sex; it is really pretty formulaic. So this overview was a nice surprise.
Some of the selections in this book are pretty bad,but most are not. They're often interesting explorations of women coming to terms with their sexuality in mid-20th century America and some have a really fantastic sense of place and time. (Okay, yeah, the sex scenes are pretty fun too!)
The bibliography and list of other lesbian-related literature is also helpful for adding to one's book list.