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The More I Owe You: A Novel
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The Lifelong Activist: How to Change the World without Losing Your Way
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Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire
Catriolina Mortimer-Sandilands, Bruce Erickson
Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America (Between Men--Between Women)
Lillian Faderman
The Healing Earth
Philip Sutton Chard
Revolt and Crisis in Greece: Between a Present Yet to Pass and a Future Still to Come
Dimitris Dalakoglou, Antonis Vradis

The Confusions of Young Törless (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics)

The Confusions of Young Törless - Robert Musil, Shaun Whiteside, J.M. Coetzee This is 160-page book. I'm struggling through it for a week; have recently gotten to page 90. If I didn't have to read this for school, it would be gone so fast. Particularly the part where two students wax philosophical about MATH. Could anything be more boring?

....finished this a couple days after I posted the above. That was a few days ago from now and I can't tell you that I remember much of anything except that it was disturbing in its depiction of violence among boys in military boarding schools during the last days of the Hapsburg Empire, and disturbing in its white, Eurocentric version of Hinduism and Buddhism, which the author should have understood a little better if he was going to make commentary on it through one of the characters. Racism, indeed. Oh and did I mention it was boring as hell? I mean, "boring" hardly begins to describe it.

Trees died to make this crap. That's sad.