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Lillian Faderman
The Healing Earth
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Revolt and Crisis in Greece: Between a Present Yet to Pass and a Future Still to Come
Dimitris Dalakoglou, Antonis Vradis

Sugar Blues

Sugar Blues - William Dufty This book has a couple of good places that talk about what sugar does to your body, and the history of sugar is very interesting.

That said, although I think Dufty takes an irreverent tone - perhaps because the topic is actually so serious -- he uses the racist slur "Coolie" a couple times. I can't tell if he uses that not from his own point of view, but from the point of view of white racist sugar-producers, but because it's not certain and used on more than one occasion, I find it very disturbing.

There is a chapter or maybe two on the evils of the FDA and AMA and food manufacturers and how they push(ed) to keep the dangers of sugar from the public. I am so less than surprised that I was very bored by those chapters (also because they have not been updated in 30 years).

It's an okay read but my guess is that the China Study or something more current may be better. I do think that sugar needs to be seen more seriously as a poison, but this book doesn't do it for me. Proof is that despite myself I continue to eat sugar.